WebRTC Platform and its Rising Adoption

2016 tends to be a year where companies in the technology industry look forward to how some of the rising technologies around them will bring revolutionary outcomes.

One such trend is the rise of WebRTC (Web Real Time Communication) and its increasing adoption across multi-technology organizations. WebRTC is an emerging standard, designed for web communication that redefines high resolution, low bandwidth, high definition voice / video communication, and P2P data transfer simple as ever! The WebRTC upswing poses greater advantage for mobile & web-based interaction and business communication.

The Speaking Revolution

As an open-source technology and API standard, WebRTC has steered into the mainstream browser segment by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) over the past few years. It enables web applications to directly engage in video chat, audio calls and data sharing by eliminating the need for browser plug-ins, add-ons or desktop / mobile applications. The WebRTC revolution has allowed enterprise video conferencing through the in-built web browsers in every system, which has improved the native browser-based communication.

WebRTC Platform

 Why Embrace WebRTC Platform?

  • Easier & Friendlier: WebRTC Platform eliminates integration costs and deployment complexities in video conferencing. Popular commercial solutions including cloud based apps involve going back and forth to setup and pull out needed information. But, WebRTC provides a clickable link for the WebRTC session to begin. So, the result is a ready-to-start video conference that is simple and hassle-free.
  • Saves Costs: WebRTC does not require software licensing, dedicated hardware or any subscription fee, all of which amount to big cost saving. The technology is free to use unless a pre-packaged personalization is required. Even then, it will cost you a small price for an embedded cloud service or a pre-built library.
  • Betters Employee Communication: Interaction between virtual teams has never been this easy! Businesses are implementing the concept of decentralized workforce as WebRTC provides superb support for workplace communication. Distributed workforce can anyhow interact better in video conferencing, but with WebRTC, it’s glitch-free.
  • Secured Communication: Many Unified Communication and VoIP solutions do not offer total security in communication as they use insecure RTP (real-time transport protocol) for calls. SRTP (Secure RTP) uses authentication and encryption to establish a secure connection. Yet, this set-up can be quite tricky and thus, most VoIP and UC programs settle down for RTP.
    But, WebRTC offers complete security and does not involve set-up complexities. Being an open source technology, it is equipped with SRTP by default! This makes it easier and more secure. 
  • Better Customer Service and Sales: WebRTC drives larger selling opportunities as it can connect sales personnel with potential prospects & customers through its fully-functional interactive features. File sharing helps the staff send out plenty of informative visual collaterals and PowerPoint presentations that can prove to be highly impressive! Convinced customers lead to better sales & service, resulting in greater customer satisfaction.

WebRTC Platform in 2016

The telecommunications industry will witness a bigger change in the communication experience in 2016. Numerous companies are adopting WebRTC as an easier and cost-effective way to deploy unified communication. SPAN has already geared up with its accelerator framework, SWIFT, offering WebRTC services that helps relaunch legacy products successfully, catering to diverse market portfolios like Telemedicine in healthcare, customer engagement through call centers in Retail, collaboration / video conferencing / social networking in Telecommunication, and fleet management & collaboration in Logistics. What lies ahead could be a feature rich Web-based communication with a great application interface!


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