SPAN Digital

Your Firm Step Towards Transformation

Digital is a game changer today; it’s changing the way business is done. Today’s digital unicorns are redefining the rules of engagement. The boundary between hardware, software or in that case, the boundary between domains are blurred. Today, a leader specializing in internet products can successfully build an automated car even before the most coveted car manufacturer or a car manufacturer can develop a hyper fast data-crunching algorithm. To be successful in this ever changing strategic landscape, you need a frugal digital strategy and a comprehensive framework for digital transformation, which will make changes possible in a quick duration.

SPAN's digital team very well understands the concept of "one size doesn’t fits all". The need for a digital startup cannot be the same as the need for an industry behemoth. Our Digital Transformation ecosystem thus comes aligned with the business strategy of different businesses, featuring the following flavors:

Digital Startups

MVP factory for new age businesses. Now you don’t have to wait for a year or spend a million to build your first product.

Local to Global

Take your local business to the global league in a matter of few days. The good news is, you don’t need to drill a hole in your pocket or wait for months; you can be up and running even today!

Digital Enterprise

We build it for a mid to large size traditional setup as a comprehensive digital stack for your digital transformation journey. Be it a cloud enablement, a mobile first service or power of analytics, you get an all-in-one place structured and ready to be integrated.

SPAN Digital Transformation Stack

Digital Experience

Cloud Foundation Framework

Cloud Foundation Framework (CFF) enables the rapid development of highly responsive cloud solutions and increases business agility. CFF houses a set of common modules / libraries to build highly secured, scalable, enterprise ready solutions adhering to cloud design patterns, best practices and standards.


This is a framework to accelerate mobile client application development for both native and hybrid applications. mBoost accelerator packages components, automation scripts and templates for various mobile OSs to provide a robust foundation to your mobile application development and management.

COBOL to Cloud

These are a set of utilities to modernize a legacy COBOL system into a web based distributed system. The analyzer component assesses the COBOL source code base for maintainability, reusability and dependencies to determine the ROI of conversion upfront. The transformer component then converts the source to a given target platform based on the language template chosen.

Digital Connect

Smart Device Connect

Smart Device Connect helps to quickly provision, connect and communicate with smart devices. This IoT platform supports various protocols, communication modes and failover / exceptions management that are essential to build and manage domain-agnostic IoT applications. It also provides seamless integration with IoT services from major cloud vendors.

Smart Integration Framework

This framework drastically cuts down the time to establish integration between disparate applications across different types of cloud (private, public and hybrid) over various protocols and communication modes. It enables easy configuration of scalable connectivity, security for data in motion and auditability for all the in-bound and out-bound data transfers. Service Performance Boosters improve the performance of the existing local services and transform them into a global service.

Digital Analyzer

Domain Specific Insights Framework

This framework provides business intelligence on specific subject areas of a line of business. The framework offers business insights related to Banking, Insurance and Retail verticals based on standard domain models. Data adapters can be developed very easily from business applications to populate these domain models to extract business insights for a respective area.

Data Services Framework

Provides integrated data processing and data management capabilities. This framework handles the entire life-cycle of data management and helps customers to build their analytics platform to generate business insights. Data services caters to high and low latency processing requirements.


Analytics platform is useful to analyze the trends on social networks and helps customers by providing predictive analytics so that customers can respond proactively to business changes. The prediction engine uses machine learning techniques and derives people's sentiments about a product or service on various social media sources like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Digital Presence

Brand Center

Brand Center is a tool to create presence as well as promote and establish a brand for managing businesses on digital media. This platform enables creation and management of digital assets for multi-channel information rendering.

Digital Campaign Manager

Digital Campaign Manager offers a set of tools and utilities to plan, manage and schedule campaigns by utilizing the company's digital assets.

Digital Asset Manager

Digital Asset Manager is a vast repository that assists to manage disparate digital assets. This attends to aspects such as data security and data misuse. It helps with storage, compression and transforming of data for smooth rendering of information across various channels.

Digital Operations

Policy and SLA Manager

These are a set of tools to create, manage, track policies for remote management and monitoring services. The tool also generates periodic reports and alerts on SLA performance to track end-to-end compliance.

DevOps Framework

Complete Application Lifecycle Management for both open source and Microsoft platform (Visual Studio Online) bridges the gap between development and operation teams. Developers and testers can enjoy independence through virtualized - isolated environments. New environments can be spun dynamically by using cloud formation scripts in the Docker repository, especially with the production deployment of Docker having made 7x faster.

Managed Security Service

This comprises security services, which provide outsourced monitoring and management of security devices and systems. Key services include security intelligence, vulnerability assessment, threat management, end-point protection, intrusion detection and prevention. These services help establishing highly available security centers for incident monitoring and management.