SPAN’s innovative Sentiment Analysis Tool offers valuable insights about users’ opinions by collecting data from blog spaces and social media sites.


Aiding you overcome business challenges

Creating innovative IT ecosystem, to transform from “reactive” to “proactive” management and seamlessly respond to the changing regulatory and business environment.


Helping financial institutions meet regulatory changes, overcome technology challenges, and optimize investment avenues through enhanced operational efficiencies.


Addressing the growing demands of consumers and offering solution-oriented applications to redefine the customer experience.

Travel Transportation
& Logistics

Transforms functional challenges into opportunities, adds tremendous value to the business and helps achieve competitive advantage.


Enabling the delivery of key communications services through a unique collaboration infrastructure, and setting up a fast & seamless connectivity.

Engineering Services

Building on our capabilities to assist software firms accelerate growth, innovation and build industry-relevant solutions faster.


The Relationship Management model is a meticulously crafted program designed to maximize the returns from client relationships.

SPAN’s Relationship Management (RM) Model, the key to building bonds that provide ongoing business values to both our clients and SPAN, is built to manage client relationships in a well-defined, yet flexible, framework.

The Relationship Management model is based on SPAN’S best breed of practices, learning and experience across multiple and varied relationships.


Reaching new milestones in technological achievement

Manage complex and mission-critical business requirements, restructure your business processes and ensure business continuity.

Application Management

Evaluating numerous attributes and capabilities of a system or a program to provide comprehensive testing services and achieve required results.

Testing Services

Ensuring to meet the evolving needs of your organization with a robust, comprehensive and customized portfolio of Data Engineering services.

Data Engineering

Optimize and modernize your ERP services portfolio successfully to implement complex and large ERP systems, and streamline enterprise processes.


Mange and reduce cost of Information Management for enterprise with SPAN’s methodology and portal strategy

Content Management System

Empowering your IT Operations, Infrastructure services and offering round-the-clock support to enhance performance and efficiency.

Remote Infrastructure Management

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